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It’s Re:Leased is a fashion rental subscription service, with a mission to reduce the huge carbon footprint of the fashion industry by making better use of each garment produced. We’re a small team skilled in fashion, marketing/growth, and tech. Want to join us? Epic, here are our open positions.

Fullstack Developer

Full time

As a fullstack developer at It's Re:Leased, you'll focus on moving our product forward. Our goal is to create an engaging product that support all sides of our business, and is the users new best friend in the shift to access over ownership.

As a person, you value and enjoy the craftsmanship of software development and want to understand how users interact with what you build. By understanding the user you find new things to test, and track data to know if your test was successfull.

We think it's important that you:
πŸ‘‰ Have full-stack experience with JavaScript (Node, React)
πŸ‘‰ Have a good understanding of how to work togehter with code and design
πŸ‘‰ Can understand user behaviour and write your code to support it
πŸ‘‰ Are curious about how to change user behaviour with tech
πŸ‘‰ Prefer to do rather than talk
πŸ‘‰ Enjoy working together in a team

You’ll be a core part in our team and company, and work with our CTO to shape our tech journey. If this sounds like you, you should get in touch immediately! Reach out to our CTO Annie for more info, or just send through your profile.

P.S. We welcome remote (or wannabe-remote) applicants as long as you’re a Swedish resident.


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