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Vacation Relaxation

Summer vacation is just around the corner and we want to explore the best closet for your planned relaxation. We are dreaming about summer days spent on salty cliffs, hearing the ocean breeze purl and seeing seagulls soar over the never-ending horizon.


Warm tones of beige, orange and yellow are the retro vibes we are longing for. Dresses in airy and flattering silhouettes are a must after a day under the beloved sun. Wear with golden hoops and oversized sunglasses to maximize the luxurious 70's vibe.


Vacation is relaxation and relaxation means wearing oversized shirts and soft dresses all day long.

Pack minimal luggage for your vacation plans and maximize the garments and wear them to the beach, for long strolls, festive nights or just as your go-to relaxation uniform for slow days with the agenda of only reading books and sipping coffee.


Wrapped skirts and sets in prints are a must this summer as we won't leave the dress code of comfortability. 2ND DAy has made a beautiful set perfect for a chic vacay look. The prints with bohemian vibes and flattering silhouettes will be perfect for city strolls or beach hangouts too. But remember, wear your SPF too!