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The Home Office Edition

Working from home has become the new normal, but that comfy black hoodie we wore throughout 2020 ain't serving us anymore. As we're looking forward to spring, we're also excited about feeling like a million bucks again.


Versatile tops, luxurious airy dresses with maximal comfort, and all vests (yes, all) are our new closet cravings. From now on, we'll be wearing pretty collars and fabrics that feels like cotton clouds against the skin. When? Monday to Friday — all meetings included.


Soft Tencel (yes, that's a type of fabric!), beautiful knitted vests easy to layer, and blazers. Honestly, when was the last time you wore a blazer? Perhaps March will be your blazer-month? You can't have too many blazers. It's never too late to start adding blazers to your rental-cart. And it's impossible to write out 'blazer' too many times in one paragraph. Blazer.