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Buy Less, Wear More

That’s it, we’re not killing ourselves trying anymore.

How are you supposed to be sustainable, yet stay relevant and up to date on trends, as well as invest in quality pieces and at the same time vary your outfits?

We understand you want to invest in quality but that there are plenty of other costs in your life that requires some attention. And we all know fast fashion is doing no one any favors but also – it’s right there.

Here’s our promise to you: we will revive your love and respect for clothes and craftsmanship by giving you access to the brands and quality you really want, in the circle that is actually fit to your everyday needs.

We deliver the suit you need and that dress you crave, and yes, we take care of the dry cleaning - because honestly shopping and washing is equally tedious.

No more obligations to choose timeless classics over magnificent dresses with a great print. Buy the classic – rent the rest.