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Our Manifesto

We don’t believe in sustainability.

There is nothing to sustain here. We’ve built a system depleting our Mother Earth and blaming you for it.

We don’t want you to change.

It’s not on you to fix a system you didn’t break.

We know you’re busy. Your boss loves short deadlines and meetings that should be e-mails and your gluten free vegan diet is costing a freaking fortune not to mention the gym membership you barely have the time to use.

Also we’re not into the whole "your damned if you do, damned if you don’t" which is why we’re not here to shame you for wanting to wear a patterned blazer or dress every now and then.

We are creating a new future.

Where access beats ownership. Where creation and inspiration is premiered and celebrated. No more outdated seasons, only relevance and timing suited to your needs.

The way forward, is producing less and at slower pace. We must create sustainable growth without the loss of individual expression and inspiration.

Together we are releasing the movement.

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