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Giving the gift of a circular wardrobe is right up the alley of 2021. By giving her the opportunity to invest in the pieces she knows she'll love for a long time, and rent the rest, we're creating a new sustainable normal for the future of fashion. Here's to less climate anxiety and a happier future.

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How it works

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Choose three pieces and check out with the code on the gift card. Your selection will arrive within 2-4 working days. Always free shipping and washing. Exchange items for free within 10 days of arrival

: Wear and tear

Wear the pieces as much as you want — they're all fully insured and are meant to be taken out for a dance or to the dog park. No play date is too messy for your rental wardrobe! Enjoy!

: Return and repeat

After three weeks it's time to pick your next three pieces (we promise we'll remind you). When your order is processed you'll get an arrival date for your new items and we'll pick up the ones you have at home.


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Why our community loves to rent


It’s easier to be outfit-brave when renting. I get to wear pieces I never would have shopped otherwise. But of course, the main difference is that I very seldom feel the need to buy clothes.


I immediately felt ”wow, I must try this” when I learned about It’s Re:Leased. As I aspire to live a more sustainable life, I’m always trying to explore alternatives to buying clothes.


It’s Re:Leased is a really cool solution, completely in line with my thoughts and values around being more sustainable, and is a great alternative to shopping.

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