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Our Thoughts Re:Leased

Our Thoughts Re:Leased


"I'm thinking I'll put together a dinner for all my friends, and everyone has to bring 3 life hacks to share or show," said a friend of mine recently. "We all need ways of making sure life gets easier nowadays."

Truer words have never been spoken. There is no real reason most of us wouldn't feel like our lives are easier than ever, absent of so many struggles and filled with so many possibilities and comforts. Reality? Time is always running out, money always seems to be somewhat lacking and while we do try not to grind our teeth or hold a grudge over doing the dishes it just seems to be out of our control a lot of the time. 

We all can use a little help with every day. Our number 1 lifehack is of course: lease your wardrobe. Kick those frustrating mornings where it feels like you have nothing to wear for good by signing up for a monthly subscription. At least relax about the weddings coming your way, lease your look for the event with us. 

Here are our other top 3 life hacks - please share yours!

  1. PLAN YOUR DINNERS FOR THE WEEK TO COME - sync your calendars on Sunday afternoon, pour a glass of champagne and decide what dinners you're having on what days in the week to follow. Decide who is responsible for dinner each day and then go grocery shopping for the week. Eliminates the "what should we have for dinner tonight?" and more importantly "what time will you be home, who is cooking dinner?" 
  2. PUT YOUR PHONE "DO NOT DISTURB"  - allowing a window of at least one hour of disconnecting and winding down before bedtime improves your quality of life more than we can even begin to explain. The Do Not Disturb mode follows us also on vacation and any day we need to get sh*t done. 
  3. GET YOURSELF AN ALARM CLOCK -  Yup, we mean the kind that you push an actual button to stop from making the most annoying sound ever. Since you've put your phone on Do Not Disturb already, might as well leave it outside of your bedroom. If your bedroom is your living room and kitchen and hallway we suggest forgetting the phone in your bathroom. Sceptical? Try it for one month, and let us know in the comment section below how that worked out for you. 

Now let's help each other out - share your best life hack in the comment section below! We'll be sharing our best travel hacks in the near future and would love to hear yours already now as well!

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