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About us

When Annie agreed to meet with Johanna for coffee in May 2018, she expected a "fashion persona" that she was prepared to turn down working with. Having spent over 12 years within the tech community Annie had finally found a job she actually enjoyed and were comfortable with. Also she was on maternity leave, starting a business just wasn't in the cards.

As it turned out, Johanna wasn't what Annie expected. She was determined to change the landscape of retail for the better, and having spent over 15 years within the fashion industry she was convinced she had found out how to do just that.

"The changes needed are happening too slowly, we need to create a new way of consuming fashion that will affect the volumes of clothes being produced. We need a new strategy!"

Johanna talked about the love that goes into design and the craftsmanship behind each garment, and how she feared that if sustainable fashion continued to be centered around a certain aesthetics it would take too long to create real change.

She wanted to serve women in their everyday lives, give them access to the quality they wanted but perhaps couldn't invest in. She wanted everyone to feel free to express themselves through clothes, wear the trend and get the look – just without depleting the Earth's resources while doing so.

This, is a love-at-first-sight-story. Joined in their will to create something new where old ways weren't working anymore: they partnered up right then and there.

It's Re:Leased started out as a single rack of friends' discarded clothes in a storage space behind the laundry room of Johannas co-op building. And while Annie has been busy building your online experience, Johanna has curated an assortment in partnership with some of the most sought after scandifashion brands out there.

We're here to release a movement and create a new, modern way to enjoy fashion without the cost of neither your or the planet's resources.

So the next time someone compliments your outfit you’ll be able to say;

Thanks! It's Re:Leased.

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