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Lucky charms x 3

We feel a strong connection to the number 3.

Is it a coincidence that you rent three garments each month? Maybe not, since all good things come in three, so let us introduce our three favorite themes from the Closet.


Three tones of blues in three different styles.

1. WFH comfort in a bright blue sweatshirt from Stine Goya.

2. Ocean vibes in a soft shirt dress from Baum und Pferdgarten.

3. Danish overload packaged in a handmade BLUE crocheted vest.


We like to glance back to the era of 60's and 70's aesthetics.

Here are three pieces all compatible for daily funk vibes with a color palette of yellow, brown and orange, and some lovely retro prints too. Platform boots and golden hoops are preferred for embracing the whole look.


Tones of beige and brown.

The scandi closet essentials are not all about colors of grey, white and black. We love the neutral tones of beige and brown to create softness and elegance to our contrasting capsule closet of mainly black pieces.

These three pieces will be our go-to's when we have nothing to wear this summer.